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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

St Matthew, Chapter 17, verse: 25, Tribute to the kings of the earth: The Exempt.

Our paragraph topic is:  Paying the Temple tax) Part 3.   

  Peter was disturbed by the question asked of him by the tax collector.  When he entered the house, Christ knew that he was disturbed.  So he questioned Peter as to the reason that he was disturbed.  He asked Simon who paid the taxes to the kings of the earth.  Was it the sons of the kings or was it everyone else that bore the tribute to the kings?  And this was the questioned that weighted heavily upon Peter, that everyone else paid the tax while the sons were exempt.

Christ saw the anger and the frustration in Simon and sought to address it.  He knew that Peter was disturbed over this issue.  He knew that the door to anger was being opened in him.  He could see the years of frustration that Peter had experienced with the payment of the tax and he wanted to demonstrate to him the protection and the provision of his heavenly father.  So he questioned Peter on the issue to demonstrate the power of our father.  He asked Peter who paid the tax, was it the sons or others?  Peter responded:  And he said, "From others." Jesus said to him, "The sons then are exempt."

Those that have and those that have not, is a reality that we face each day of our lives.  We all want to be privileged.  We all want to have the things in life that we see others with.  We want to live like movie stars because that is what we are presented with.  We want to live like royalty.  We want to have the things that this world offers to us as things we need to have, things we desire, things that will make us happy.  

The sons of kings are exempt.  They are given the luxuries of this world.  They are provided the joys and happiness that comes with wealth.  They do not have to suffer the trials and tribulation that we all face in our daily lives.  We are given the opportunity to achieve all through our hard work, through our intelligence, through our ingenuity, through what ever means are available to us, even if that means transgressing the natural laws or the spiritual laws of heaven.  We want what we want and this is what we live with daily.

Christ has given us a choice.  He has provided us with an opportunity.   He has opened a door that will lead us to the riches of the universe if we just believe in him.  For our treasure is in heaven and not on this earth.  Our provisions are with him and not with this physical realm that we are faced with daily.  And with our treasure our hearts are filled with his love, his peace, his joy.  And this is a joy that nothing on this earth can compare with, a joy that fills us, a joy that completes us, a joy that is everlasting and not fleeting.  

Fret not upon the things of this world that you see.  Desire not the passions of this life that will lead astray and possess.  Our goal is Christ.  Our passion is his love.   Our desires are his will.  Our peace is his provision.  Our knowledge is his wisdom that comes through the Holy Spirit.  Our truth is our Father in heaven who loves us, protects us, and provides for us.  He calls to you.  He waits for you.  He holds you in his arms.  He will fill you with his love.  Open your heart and see the truth of who you are in him.  See the truth of your light and your life in Christ and you too will know.    

Read the sign of the times! Read the Highlighted New Testament Bible and lift the scales from your eyes that you may see, that you may know, that you may find the truth of who you are in Christ. Read it as though you would read a good book, from cover to cover, and see for yourself. Do not study it in parts reading one passage and then skipping to another, but read it for understanding. Read it for knowledge. Read it for faith. Read it that your eyes may be opened, that your ears may hear, that your heart may be filled with the light of Christ. The Holy Spirit awaits you. Christ seeks to know you. Open the door and let him in. 

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