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Monday, March 18, 2013

St Matthew, Chapter 17, verses: 4, The Son of God: The Future Leader speaks to Jesus.

Our paragraph topic is: (Jesus transfigured) Part 3.    

And Peter, seeing the past leaders of the house of Israel speaking to Jesus, did not know what to say.  He had awaken from sleep when he beheld this vision.  He had heard the voices of those that he had not heard before.  He was seeing a vision that no one had seen before.  And so where the other disciples, seeing Moses and Elias, whom they knew were dead speaking to Jesus as though they were still alive.  And they beheld the beatific vision of Christ transformed.  They had spent years at his side.  They had heard him speak on countless occasions.  They saw him day and night speaking, teaching, healing, and comforting the people, but never had they seen him like this.

Jesus  transformed, before their very eyes.  Jesus  was glorified like they had not seen him or known him before.  They were in awe.  They were stunned.  They were surprised.  All this time his true nature was hidden from them and they had no idea.  And then there was Moses and Elias appearing with him, before their very eyes.  One can only imagine their state of mind when this happened.  And then Peter spoke.  He spoke out of awkwardness.  He spoke out of passion.  He spoke out of love.  He spoke out of a need to speak, a desire to affirm to himself what he was witnessing and experiencing.  Then Peter addressed Jesus, saying, "Lord, it is good for us to be hereIf thou wilt, let us set up three tents here, one for thee, one for Moses, and one for Elias."   

What would you do if you had a vision of Christ glorified?  What would you think?  Is it real or is it a dream?  Can you believe what you are seeing?  Can you believe what you are thinking?  We read the Bible and believe its truth.  We seek meaning in its words, the Living Words of God through Christ Jesus.  What do they say?  What do they mean?  What understanding can we gain from what we read?  How does it all apply to our lives today?  Some would say that there is no application.  Some would say that the Bible is a book of history written two thousand years ago, different time, different place, ancient history.  Does the Bible speak to you?

Christ walked, talked, eat, slept, drank with, and loved his disciples.  Yet during all that time they did not know him.  During all that time they did not see him in his true nature.  Can we say the same today?  His words speak to us from a book that has been passed down through ages, written and re-written, translated and reconfigured, different meaning and new meanings added.  Yet, is the message getting through to us that gives us truth, a truth that never changes no matter how it has been changed.  The heart is the key that opens our mind to the possibilities of understanding.  For it is through the heart and with the heart that we are open to the realm of the spiritual life that is within us. 

Not by math, nor science, nor logic, but only by and through the truth hidden for ages through the wisdom of God can we come to know who we are.  Search we must.  Desire is essential.  Repentance is the foundation.  And understanding what the heart knows is the key that opens the door to new life here in this realm.  All things have been given to us by our loving Father.  Yet through our ignorance and deceitful blindness do we seek to have all things to ourselves.  The three disciples saw what they had not seen before during all of their experiences with Christ.  And we, during all our searching through life, may miss the truth of the light within, the truth of the life within us. 

Christ told us, in his words, how to find it.  He told us where to look.  He gave us the key to see and know who we are.  Yet we turn the other way because that is what we have been given in this world.  Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and it shall be opened to you.  Ask and it shall be given you.  What do you seek?  Do you seek money?  Do you seek fame?  Do you seek honor and glory?  Do you seek the worldly possession that this life has to offer?  Continue to seek those things and you will miss the the truth of who you are and the treasure that awaits you.  Life, has been given me.  Light, has brighten my path.  I only point the way.  It is up to you to follow what is before you.  Christ awaits you.  Jesus loves you and so do I.

Read the sign of the times! Read the Highlighted New Testament Bible and lift the scales from your eyes that you may see, that you may know, that you may find the truth of who you are in Christ. Read it as though you would read a good book, from cover to cover, and see for yourself. Do not study it in parts reading one passage and then skipping to another, but read it for understanding. Read it for knowledge. Read it for faith. Read it that your eyes may be opened, that your ears may hear, that your heart may be filled with the light of Christ. The Holy Spirit awaits you. Christ seeks to know you. Open the door and let him in!

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