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Thursday, October 18, 2012

St Matthew, Chapter 16, verse: 11, The Leaven: The Understanding

Our paragraph topic is:  (The leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees) Part 4.   

And there they were, standing among themselves, after having been in a heated argument, listening to Christ chastise them.  They did not yet understand.  They had lost all memory of what had happened with the five loaves and five thousand men.  Their minds were focused upon a simple, what they believed, a failure on some one's part, to bring bread that they would not go hungry.  Yet before them stood the creator of bread and wine.  Before them stood the creator of all things that would provide and protect them.  The leaven had crepted in and was infecting their minds and bodies and spirits.

Christ was appalled.  He could not believe what he was hearing, what he was seeing, and what he felt in his heart for those that he cared so much for and loved.  These were his future candidates.  These were the ones who were to carry the gospel throughout the world.  And here they were arguing among themselves about a material thing called bread.   Why Satan himself must have stood amongst them and laughed at how easily they could be persuaded to loose the one thing that gave them life, love for one another.  Christ had to bring understanding.  He had to call forth order.  He had to bring back their memories of the things that had come before them that they would know and see the pettiness of their behavior.  He said to them:   "Why do you not understand that it was not of bread I said to you, 'Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees'?"

It was not of physical but of spiritual.  It was not of bread but of leaven.  It was not of death but of life that he spoke to them that they would know the truth.  Yet they were still in the flesh.  They were still in the body.  They were still not in the spirit that Christ wanted to make them aware of who they were.  For the flesh was of death.  The spirit is of life.  The flesh commands attention but the spirit awaits the truth.  The body says I am.  But the spirit knows I am.  The flesh says now.  But the spirit says eternity.

Why do you not understand that it is not of paper and dots and dashes that I write?  Why do you not remember who brought you to this place, this blog, this moment in time that you would be able to read what is written?  Is it just words?  Is it just nonsense?  Or is it the awakening of something more in you that desires life, that desires love, that desires peace?  For your inheritance has been given.  Your light is seeking to be seen.  Your joy is waiting for your embrace that you may know the truth of who you are in Christ.  Created in his image and likeness, your light will shine throughout the world that many may see and know that you are a child of your father and creator.  Come, walk the path that is before you.  Open your heart to the love that awaits you.  Know the truth of who you are and your life starts anew.  Christ 
awaits you.  The Spirit seeks you.  God, your father, loves you. 

Read the signs of the times!  Read the Highlighted New Testament Bible and lift the scales from your eyes that you may see, that you may know, that you may find the truth of who you are in Christ.  Read it as though you would read a good book, from cover to cover, and see for yourself.  Do not study it in parts reading one passage and then skipping to another, but read it for understanding.  Read it for knowledge.  Read it for faith.  Read it that your eyes may be opened, that your ears may hear, that your heart may be filled with the light of Christ.  The Holy Spirit awaits you.  Christ seeks to know you.  Open the door and let him in!

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