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Saturday, April 9, 2011

St Matthew, Chapter 10, verse:40a, The Reward.

Our paragraph topic is:  (Blessings for the Apostles' benefactors) Part 1. 

Life!  Wondering in the distance.  Elusive.  Needing to be discovered.  Begging to be found.  We live in a world filled with the sights and sounds and wonders and magic that brings palpitations to the heart and joy to the mind.  Our ever increasing desires are the stuff that industrialist dream of, the passion of capturing the expanding market to be on top.  Life!  Where are you?  Why do you elude me?  I seek to find you.  I seek to know you.  I seek to have you fully, present in the here and now.  Not tomorrow!  Not yesterday!  But right now, as though I lived in a movie of my own making, on top of the world.  What I see in the movies drives me.  I want you life and I want you now!  Where are you?

Christ told his disciples,  "He who finds his life will lose it."   We have life.  What is meant by this?  I am alive and I have life.  I want more life that I may live it to the fullest.  But I live.  If I had the money and the cars and the fame I would really be alive.  I would live like a king, like a prince.  I would travel the world, eat in the best restaurant, wear the finest clothes, drive the most expensive cars, and have the most beautiful women that the eye has seen.  Then I would really live.  I will have found my life.  I will live my life, never working again, only doing what I feel like doing everyday.  That would be the life.  Where is the jackpot?  Where is the power ball?  Where is my luck?  But Christ says that I will lose it.  He says that the life that I find I will lose it.  Why?  Because it is not lasting, it is not forever, it and I are only temporary.  For I am not eternal and though I may have found my life I will lose it because I want to keep it forever.

How then can I keep my life?  How can I preserve it so that I can have it forever?  Christ say "He who loses his life for my sake, will find it."  So I have to lose my life for Christ's sake to find it permanently.  I have to give up the joys and pleasures that I dream of to get them.  I have to set my plans of being a millionaire and living the life of a prince so that I can have it forever in Christ.  What must I do? 

Christ sends his disciples out to teach the people how to find their life.  He wants the disciples to teach the people how to have life eternally and not life that is lost.  Many will not accept.  Many will not believe.  Many will call this blasphemy because it goes against the thinking of the day.  Receive the message of the kingdom and find your life.  Christ told his disciples,  "He who receives you, receives me."   Receive Christ.  Receive the life you are meant to live.  Find the life of your dreams and live it in Christ.  Those who do not, will miss the reward.  Those who live for today, will lose their life.  Those who seek to preserve the life they have, will lose that life and the life they have in Christ.  Do you have life?  Will you lose it?  Come receive the life that Christ has to give and live life eternally.  Get your reward!!!


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