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Thursday, March 3, 2011

St Matthew, Chapter 10, verse: 1, Transferred Power.

Our paragraph topic is:  (Power given to the Apostles).

The disciples of Christ are finished with their apprenticeship.  They have traveled with Christ throughout the district and watched him heal the sick, cure the lame, cast out demons, and learned first hand his thoughts about his ministry of preaching and miracles.  Christ is keenly aware of the great harvest that is available.  He is also aware of the laborers that are not available to complete the harvest.  He has chosen the few who are qualified and he must work with them to prepare them for the tasks ahead.

So the time has come for the internship to begin.  He has taught them in the classroom.  Now it is time for them to get out into the field and practice what he has taught them.  St Matthew tells us in this verse that Christ gave them power.  He gave them temporary power to cast out demons.  He gave them temporary power to heal the sick.  And he sent them forth to demonstrate the power that he had given to them.  For they would be the laborers in the field.  They would be the workers of great miracles after his mission is complete.  They would become the teachers of tomorrow that would spread the good news of the kingdom of heaven to the sheep.  They would be the shepherds of tomorrow.

So they went forth into the villages and the towns and ministered to the people.  They told of Christ the Messiah.  They told of the kingdom.  They told of the good news.  The told of the beatitudes.  They told of the new principles of life that Christ handed down on the Mount.  And they cast out demons.  They fought against principalities.  They fought against the demons of old who walked the earth and had kingdoms amongst men.  For Christ had given them the power to do so.  And they fought boldly and bravely and had many conquests.  And the Spirit of Christ went with them wherever they went.

Two thousand years later we still fight the battle.  We are still in the war to win souls.  Much has changed since the time of the disciples and much still remains the same.  Christ still seeks qualified candidates.  He still seeks laborers for the harvest and he still transfers power to fight the battles of today.  Will you accept the power that Christ wants to give you today?  Will you join the harvest and reap the rewards of a good and faithful servant?  Christ wants you, just as Uncle Sam wants you.  Come join the fight.

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